*Truffle Oil*

Have you ever had truffle tots? Truffle Mac and cheese? Truffle anything?! If you haven’t, you need to get on board cause this stuff will rock your world!

Truffle oil in general is expensive but black truffle oil tends to be more expensive than the white truffle oil.

This past week I was shopping at Whole Foods and saw that they had a few different kinds of truffle oil….8-10oz bottles for $15-$20+ each. 😩 hefty price tag for the amount of oil you get but I get it….it’s good! I decided to pass on getting it because I am still figuring out which GF brands I like and don’t like and I’ve been dropping some dough on that and figured that making truffle tots could wait a little bit.

Then I found myself at Trader Joe’s later on that week- still searching for some GF stuff that I might like and getting a scope out on what different stores carry and all that….and I came across this! $5.99 for this bottle of BLACK truffle oil! I snatched it up super quick and was in shock at how cheap it was compared to the other oils I saw at Whole Foods!

Anyway…this is just a PSA for all you truffle lovers and those of you who are “truffle curious.” I seriously recommend giving it a try and if you’re at Trader Joe’s, pick up a bottle while they’re still there!

You can drizzle it over your tater tots, your fries, potatoes, risotto, meat, popcorn, veggies, or pizza. Throw some in there with your Mac and cheese or Shepard’s pie….basically you’re going to want to bathe in it. It’s THAT good. 😂

Happy Cooking!  


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